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Why Politicist?

Made for Politics

Share articles, opinions and stances on a social media platform made for politics.

Completely Impartial

You control what populates the feed and there’s no interference from us.

Keep Updated

You can access representatives newsletters, important dates, key events and much more.

Join the debate!

Sign up to view the latest political news, receive updates from your representatives and have your say on the latest issues.


How it Works

The News Feed

You’re in complete control of what populates your feeds on Politicist. You can select your favourite news sources, follow representatives posts and connect with friends to view their political opinions.

Best part is, privacy is paramount. Only friends you choose to share with can see your posts or comments, and you have full control over who see’s everything from comments to likes to your political opinions, so you can share and interact with confidence.

Issues That Matter

Create an issue, or create your own stance to an existing one, to see how many people agree with your stance.

You can also view the discussion board to view what other users are contributing to the issue and save all your articles, facts, and videos to back up your own position and build on it over time.

Follow Your Representatives

Keep up-to-date with everything in your constituency through representatives posts. Follow representatives to receive their newsletters and social feeds.

We’ll let you know when your representatives come up for election, and also help you find the info on what they stand for.

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